Heceta Lighthouse … Signatures


Over the last few years I have been a volunteer for the Heceta Light House of Washburn State Park in Florence, Oregon giving tours to the many visitors we have each year.  The light, which now runs on a small 1/4 hp motor to turn it, once required 3 men, the lighthouse keeper and his 2 assistants, to maintain and stand watch that the light, lit by kerosine fuel, never went out. Today, Heceta is maintained by Washburn State Park.  However, if the light goes out the Coast Guard becomes involved in its return to functioning because it is still used today as an aid to navigation.

One of the terms we use for lighthouses are their ‘signatures.’ A signature is a pattern of ‘flashes (beams of light)’ a lighthouse gives off that distinguishes or identifies it one from the other. For example, Heceta has one ‘flash’ every 10 seconds. Winchester Bay (30 miles south) has one red, two white  every so many seconds, etc.  Mariners can tell a lot from that flash, identify where they are along  (in this case ) the Oregon Coast by the signatures, the beam of lights and the way they intersect. We think of lighthouses as a thing of the past because most people sea bound  are using satellite technology (GPS, etc.). However, satellite systems can fail; anything can happen at sea. And we are forced to rely on the old ways to access where we are; after the unsettledness, and more likely PANIC, we have no choice but to rely on ourselves, our gut, our quick response, to survive this and bring our craft safely to its harbor.

As a  body worker and intuitive healer  what I sense in people is what I have since called  ‘signatures.’ Each aspect, each subtlety  about a person has this same kind of unique pulse, energy, wave, frequency, vibration… call it any of these  whether physical, mental or emotional  each giving off  its signature; distinguishing one from another.   I distinguish them mostly through clairsentience ( touch or feeling these subtleties through my own body). They can have textures light to dense,  gritty,  soft, rough, heavy, etc. The energy can vibrate low to high. Sometimes there are odors, heat, cold, foggy, clear, and each degree of these can vibrate, resonate differently. Pain vibrates this way, in waves, as does healthy tissue, bones, cells. It can very subtle and other times quite obvious connecting the emotional pain, the mental strife/stress as it manifests into physical pain.

In medical intuitive work we look for those sublties ‘beneath/ beyond the radar.’ Many people contact us when medicine has no other answer or medicine has ‘given up on them. The highly technical machines that can brilliantly diagnose and save lives can also sometimes fail to find what is ‘wrong.’  Like a GPS failing at a crucial moment ! Machines are not (yet?) set up to ‘scan’ those subtle connections between body, mind and spirit. This can leave a person feeling very alone  like at sea in the fog or in a raging sea seeking another light, another way,  looking for those connections between their dilemma (illness or dis-ease) and their safe return home (to wholeness/wellbeing) .

There was a time when we relied less on technology, and more on our own guidance and intuition.  I often ask people ‘ what do you think this is?’ What do you think you need to do?”  Usually people have a ‘gut’ answer or an inkling of an idea.  This is the beginning. This is their lighthouse, their beam of light and hope. Like a treacherous stormy sea when technology has failed us…  when panic hits and leaves… when we are forced to quiet down, to use what is right in front of us; we have to survive this, navigate this. We find a beginning. We take out our chart (focus). We take a position, a fix (where am I ?). We look for the light, that beam of light we know is near that will guide us. A  lighthouse, its signature  … our intuition;  our answer… our way home.


8 thoughts on “Heceta Lighthouse … Signatures

  1. This is a lovely blog and a nicely-drawn analogy. I actually thought the blog was about a lighthouse at first!!

  2. Thank you, Mark; a generous and supportive comment coming from another ‘real’ writer, and my son. Well, it is sort of about a lighthouse, and then there is the shift to metaphor. love~~ Mum

  3. This is a wonderful article, Fran. I live on the “other” coast, yet have been ignorant about how lighthouses work. And totally in the dark about intuitive healing. Thanks for illuminating me on both fronts!

  4. Perfect in metaphor, in deepest reality.Thank you, Frances for yet another gift. Just back from Bandon and sending you lots of love! See you next week.

  5. Well Mark, I guess we have more in common than loving your Mom. I also thought what great information about why and how a lighthouse works and more to learn about Oregon’s coastline. Fran, your words and work create miracles, closing with much love.

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