CA Redwood Forests

CA Redwood Forests

Our Ancient Sentinels, our true carriers of the physical light, light beings of our earth… our trees and plants.

Last summer I had a dream which revealed  ‘we are the true bearers of light on earth! We hold the physical light which create the energy that makes this all possible. We are here, and we see you. We feel you as you feel us. We rest in your embrace as you rest in ours. When you hold us, we hold you. We are encouraged by your presence with us. When you see us you see the world.’


5 thoughts on “CA Redwood Forests

  1. Yes, Phyllis, being in nature everyday is so grounding/uplifting and healing; even if you are inside looking at a house plant or looking out the window… see it and let it see you~

    • Yes, Sika, science is catching up to what we instinctually know and feel when we are truly connected. And Weibke I love that image of protection and solace to the awakening soul…beautiful~

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